Customer FAQ

This section is designed to facilitate the user's simple inquiry. All rules have set out in detail the “Code of Use for Websites”.

When can I receive the goods once the order is placed?
Depending on the location receiving and the delivery company, orders will be shipped within 4-10 working days. Once your order has shipped, an email will be sent to you with tracking information. However, some of the logistics companies cannot update their information immediately. Therefore, instant enquiries have the opportunity to consult unsuccessful or wrong, and they are usually consulted more accurately two days after.
Usually sent by "HongKong Post", it will also depend on local and current circumstances.
Since all products are uploaded by designer users, images can be uploaded as long as they meet the minimum printing requirements. The sharpness of the image may be one of the styles of the designer user, such as low-resolution portrait or collages etc.
As all products are uploaded by designer users, it is up to them to decide what types of products to print and prices, and our website will respect their decisions.
Shipment address must clearly specify all the details so that it can be delivered to you with the delivery company. Otherwise, our company will not be responsible for any mistakes such as incorrect delivery address, fault details or lost mail etc. Our company will certainly re-send the order for returns due to fault details. However, delivery will be charged again, and any free shipping order will also be subject to shipping charges. In other cases, if you send it to an incorrect address and you cannot get it back, the company will not be able to cover it. Therefore, please carefully fill in the all the details.
Although the production lines of each brand are different, they all have their own standard, which is generally plus or minus 2cm.
Each product is supplied by the supplier. Therefore, there is also a chance that the quality of the brand's logo and each batch of goods will be different. The brand's standards are met. Therefore, It is forbidden to return or exchange goods for this reason. Please understand.
All of the products on this site are custom-made products, so no refund or exchange is accepted. Unless it is a special case, such as faulty or incorrect items are delivered. However, we check before delivery. If you have a problem with your items, you have to take a photo and e-mail us for follow-up. We will immediately exchange this order to a special order and process it in prior.
The colours displayed on the web and the proportions of the works are not accurate. The company will deliver the products according to our standards. The quality of the products will also be affected by different brands of products. In particular, on black products, in order to make it feel soft, pattern will be slightly matt and not too bright.
The best way is definitely to hand wash them, do not over-twist your clothes. Instead, squees the moist out with your hand and hang them dry. Another method would be turning the clothes inside out and wash it in the washing machine with a laundry bag using cold water (30 degrees below). Remember not with high temperature and dry cleaning, this will shrink and destroy the material and pattern printed on as well as the clothes.
Most definitely. As long as the cotton products will inevitably shrink after washing, and the international standard shrinkage of 4-7%, different brands of fabric shrinkage varies, washing machines and water temperature are also influencing factors, it is hard to give advice one by one.